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Made with Simple Goodnes

Our up4® Superfoods Ready-to-Mix Packets are made with clean, safe ingredients because what you put in your body matters to you and to us.









up4 energy product

Whole Fruit & Vegetable Blends

Sometimes life requires extra energy. That’s why up4® Superfoods Energy helps promote energy metabolism and is designed to support your lifestyle everyday.* It’s made with strawberry, banana, and guarana. Plus, it contains a probiotic blend of B vitamins, vitamin C and Zinc in a convenient, ready-to-mix packet.

up4 detox product

Probiotic Blends

Detoxifying helps your body to flush toxins. That’s why up4® Superfoods Detox contains ingredients that have purifying and protective functions, with antioxidant vitamins A, C and E which help protect from oxidative stress.*

What Customers Say

“Nice refreshing, fruity flavor.”

Nickletz, Customer
up4 restore product

Powered by Nature

Active lifestyles can lead to the body craving additional nutritional support. That’s why up4® Superfoods Restore contains ingredients with restorative functions as well as other essential vitamins.* It’s made with tea leaf extract, pineapple, celery, lemon and more!