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Safe And Effective Multi-Strain Probiotics To Fuel Your Potential™

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Made with Simple Goodness

Our up4® Probiotics provide multi-strain support and work naturally with your body to keep you feeling healthy and ready to take on the day.* That’s why our products feature:








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Multi-strain Probiotic Power

Now packed with even more billions of good bacteria and guaranteed at time of expiration—up4® Probiotics are designed to help you feel your best.*

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Overall Health Support*

Powerful daily formulas in quick and convenient capsules and delicious gummies to support your digestive and immune health, and more!*

What Customers Say

“Full Body Benefits? Yes, Please!”

Luke K, Illinois
up4 mens probiotics

Designed with your lifestyle in mind

up4® Men’s is made to support digestive & immune health, physical & mental energy, a healthy stress response & muscle function, as well as promote a healthy metabolism.*